CitreColor srl is a certified painting IATF 16949 (extension of the ISO 9001 standard), which replaces the previous ISO TS 16949 standard. Being certified in IATF 16949 painting and finishing means respecting the national and international standards on the specifications on quality systems applied in the supply of components for the automotive industry. We believe this is a very important result as it is not common to achieve this important goal in the composite painting sector. Being IATF 16949 certified carbon painting means being included in the worldwide database intended exclusively for OEM “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, so each parent company can know the certification status of all supplier companies, in the interest of giving value to the finished product.

verniciatura certificata IATF 16949 - certified painting iatf 16949

The IATF 16949: 2016 Certification is required by the main US and European vehicle manufacturers to their suppliers of products intended to be installed on vehicles and allows to have a single international reference, to overcome multiple certifications and to reduce the audits of part two by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturers.

For OEMs, the IATF 16949 certification is an important selection requirement, so much so that they can check the update status by accessing a worldwide database in which IATF 16949 certified automotive companies are entered.

In Italy, the Accreditation Body is ANFIA (National Association of the Automobile Industry Sector) as the IATF Oversight Office for activities that fall under the IATF 16949 scheme.

certified painting IATF 16949

The IATF 16949: 2016 standard replaces ISO / TS 16949, including the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and increasing the automotive requirements, including:

  • requirements for the safety of components and processes;
  • increased trackable requirements to comply with the latest regulatory changes;
  • requirements for products that include software;
  • management of the field returns management process including referral to NTF (No Trouble Found) and use of the automotive industry guidelines;
  • clarifications in the management of subcontractors and their development requirements;
  • insertion of the organization’s management responsibility requirements (Corporate Responsibility).

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