CiTre Color is a certified painting ISO 9001, which was subsequently extended as IATF 16949 certified painting for automotive components. Being certified as a quality painting means not only having customer satisfaction and a first-class product as first interest, but making choices every day aware and controlled on the collaboration with each supplier, sub supplier and adoption of quality raw materials. The keyword that distinguishes the certified product, and consequently the satisfaction of our customers, is quality.

The treatment of the product is subjected to careful research, methodology and control of the processing system that allows to preserve and maintain the physical-chemical properties of the component stable over time.

verniciatura certificata iso 9001 - certified painting iso 9001

The ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems – Requirements defines the requirements of a quality management system for an organization. The requirements expressed are of a general nature and can be implemented by any type of organization.

ISO 9001: 2015 is the reference standard for an organization that intends to plan, implement, monitor and improve both operational and support processes, designing and implementing the quality management system as a means to achieve objectives. The customers and theirs satisfaction are at the heart of ISO 9001; every activity, application and monitoring of activities / processes is in fact aimed at determining the maximum satisfaction of the client (and, consequently, of the final user). The phases of application of the standard start from the definition of the procedures and records for each individual process or macro process identified within the company organization.

certified painting ISO 9001

The areas of the organization concerned are:

  • management
  • planning
  • marketing
  • design and development of the product or service
  • sale
  • supplying
  • production or dispensing
  • installation
  • assistance (after sales)

All with a careful analysis of business opportunities, of the definition of the mission and of the corporate vision expressed through the quality policy. A careful control commensurate with the company reality is carried out on the management of the precious human resources.

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