CitreColor is a certified painting ISO 45001. This certification is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system, which allows you to provide safe and healthy jobs by preventing workplace injuries and health issues. Our staff is the greatest asset of CiTre color, and for this reason, especially nowadays it is our total interest to protect the well-being and safety of all human resources.
verniciatura certificata iso 45001 - certified painting iso 45001

The UNI ISO 45001 standard of 2018 “Management systems for health and safety at work – Requirements and guidance for use” is the first international standard to define the minimum standards of good practice for the protection of workers around the world. It establishes a framework for improving safety, reducing risks in the workplace and improving the health and well-being of workers, thus allowing any organization that chooses to certify the management system under accreditation to increase the performance in terms of health and safety.

Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), with the contribution of experts from over 70 countries around the world, and implemented nationally by the Italian Standardization Body (UNI), it therefore provides an international framework that takes into account the interaction between company and its business.

Created to ensure uniformity between the various ISO standards on management systems, UNI ISO 45001 adopts the High Level Structure (HLS – High Level Structure) and the main innovations.

certified painting ISO 45001

From March 2021, at the end of a transition period of three years from publication, the UNI ISO 45001 standard will replace the BS OHSAS 18001 as the only reference for the certification of management systems for health and safety in the workplace. A new milestone for certified companies, in support of which the IAF MD 21: 2018 document “Requirements for the Migration to ISO 45001: 2008 from OHSAS 18001: 2007” was born as a guide in the migration process towards the new certification.

In this scenario undergoing profound transformation, another challenge for companies is the synergy of management systems, to which UNI ISO 45001 can significantly contribute by virtue of its integrated structure with that of quality management standards (UNI EN ISO 9001) and for the environment (UNI EN ISO 14001).

The safety management included in the overall management of the company becomes an essential part of the work processes, which can generate a new model of sustainable competitiveness, offering opportunities for improvement and growth of company performance.

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